Renovation Fatigue

This month week hasn’t been a good week on the house build. 
1. The pool plumber broke four of the pool coping tiles while he slap happily dug his trenches.  Did he think we wouldn’t notice?  Once could be classified as an accident, but multiple times is beyond a joke.  He has also scratched up the pool fencing.  This guy should choose another career.  
2. The water tank has been fitted back to front (the plumber specified the custom build incorrectly) and as a result we have pipes that should be disguised that are now in full view, not only do they look messy but they’re a trip hazard.  

This is a plumber who was recommended by a good friend, I’m too mortified to discuss him with her as he went to her recent 40th birthday party so they obviously have a good relationship.  Let me give you some background; this plumber turns up on day one complaining that there is no power on site (it is a block of land, what does he expect!), he then proceeds to hassle the neighbours for power (the relationship is already strained with our ever so patient neighbours), he leaves his tools on site for months and then expects me to be there at 7am (with three kids) to let him get access to his tools.  He is trying to back out of jobs which were clearly itemised as part of his initial quote, he asks for payment and then doesn’t show up when agreed, not once but on a number of occasions… I can’t bear to write anymore.  Clearly someone else who should change career and shouldn’t be trying to run a business.

3. We just discovered that the bi-fold door company have installed two banks of bi-fold doors that don’t open from the outside.  Honestly, what is the point! They also said to our Project Manager that they had serviced all the windows and doors (so they actually open and shut) but didn’t do it.  The rain is now leaking onto the floorboards as the doors are not sealed properly.

So, that got me thinking about our next project (I wish), once again, I’m drawn to Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches.  The floorplan on this cottage needs some tweaking but what a great view.



I’m obviously going stir crazy with the end of school holidays and Sydney’s constant rain, why else would I be considering another renovation before we’ve even moved into our current new home.



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